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Alec Baldwin Did Not Have to Shoot According to Script: Second Crew Member Rust is Suing Actor


According to the script, Alec Baldwin just had to take his weapon out of the holster, and he didn’t have to fire it. However, the script supervisor of ‘Rust’ says in a lawsuit that she is filing against the actor.


In addition, Baldwin should have rechecked the weapon, it sounds. “He played Russian roulette.” Last week, Alec Baldwin was also charged for negligence by another crew member who witnessed the shooting that killed camera director Halyna Hutchins.

A second crew member of the western film Rust has sued Alec Baldwin after the actor accidentally shot and killed camera director Halyna Hutchins (42) during rehearsals on set last month. Script supervisor Mamie Mitchell went to court in Los Angeles on Wednesday. According to her, the script did not call for the weapon to be fired at the time of the incident.

Three close-ups had to be taken for the scene in question: one of Baldwin’s eyes, one of a bloodstain, and a third of Baldwin’s torso “while moving his hand down toward his holster and taking the gun out,” the statement read the charge. But Baldwin “deliberately cocked and fired the loaded gun, without justification or excuse, even though the scene didn’t call for it.”

Mitchell also argues in her complaint that Baldwin should have personally checked the weapon for ammunition rather than relying on the assistant director, who told him it was unloaded when he handed it over. “In our opinion, Mr Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette when he fired a gun without checking it and without letting the gun officer do it in front of him,” Mitchell’s attorney said at a news conference.

She said she found Baldwin’s behaviour on set “reckless” and claimed that other safety protocols had been violated. For example, there should have been no real ammunition in the weapon.

The script supervisor, who says she was in the line of fire, is suing Baldwin for assault, willful infliction of emotional distress and willful harm. She is demanding compensation, the amount of which has not been disclosed. “I relive the shooting and the sound of the gun blast over and over.”

Her lawyer said she suffered “physical and emotional damage” as a result of the shooting. As a result, Mitchell is no longer able to do her job for the time being.

Mitchell called 911 on October 21 after camera director Hutchins and director Joel Souza (48) – who was injured – were shot. In her call, she cursed assistant director Dave Halls: “That fucking assistant director who yelled at me at lunch, asking about revisions, that motherfucker. He has to check the guns. He is responsible.”

Halls are also indicted in Mitchell’s case, alongside gun officer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and the film’s producers. Mitchell’s trial is the second to indict Alec Baldwin. Lighting engineer Serge Svetnoy filed a lawsuit against Baldwin last week for negligence.

According to Svetnoy’s indictment, Baldwin was partly responsible for the fatal shooting incident. He, as co-producer of the film, should have implemented safety regulations. Moreover, as an actor, it was unnecessary for him to really fire the weapon during rehearsals, Svetnoy also thought. The revolver shouldn’t have contained any real ammunition. Still, Baldwin should have known to double-check the weapon after assistant director Dave Halls handed it to him, according to Svetnoy’s complaint.

In addition to Baldwin and other producers, the lighting technician also sued assistant director Halls and weapons specialist Gutierrez-Reed. Authorities are still investigating how real ammunition ended up on the set and in Baldwin’s weapon.

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