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Airbnb Must Adjust Its Rental Conditions To EU Rules


Airbnb must Adjust its Rental Conditions to EU Rules. Airbnb must bring its conditions for the lease of temporary accommodation in the EU in line with European consumer legislation.


In particular, the way in which the rental platform presents the prices of rooms and houses by private providers does not comply with EU rules. Customers should be better protected against cancellations by an owner.

The European Commission gives the American company the time to adjust the conditions and the presentation until the end of August.

For example, a potential customer should already be able to see the total price for an accommodation offered, including things like final cleaning, at the first click during his search. The policy for cancellations and compensation must also be stated in clear language.

No excuses
According to EU Commissioner Vera Jourova (Consumer rights), the possibilities for holidaymakers through the online offer have grown enormously.

“But following cannot be an excuse for not adhering to with the rules. Consumers need to understand what services they pay for and are entitled to fair rules. “

The committee also wants Airbnb to clarify when a private person offers the accommodation and when by a professional company. In the latter case, different rules apply to the protection of the consumer.

If Airbnb does not make sufficient adjustments in the eyes of Jourova, it will take measures in cooperation with the national consumer authorities.

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