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Air Traffic Recovery in Europe Continues Rising


The recovery in European aviation continues as people get on planes more often for summer holidays.


According to figures from the European air traffic control service Eurocontrol, the number of flights last week was more than half of the comparable week of 2019, i.e. before the outbreak of the corona pandemic.

Last Friday, according to Eurocontrol, there was a peak in the air traffic control network, with 19,826 flights. That’s the highest level since March 2020, just before the sector came to a virtual standstill due to lockdowns and travel restrictions in European countries.

But many restrictions have now been lifted thanks to the vaccinations against the coronavirus, and the aviation sector is benefiting from this. In particular, low-cost airline Ryanair operates more flights.

Incidentally, it will take a longer time before air traffic in European airspace has fully recovered from the crisis. In the most optimistic scenario, Eurocontrol expects traffic to be 79 percent of 2019 levels by the end of this year. In that scenario, everyone will be vaccinated against corona this year, and there will be no new virus outbreaks.

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