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Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes over Free-Standing Types of Storage


Buying the perfect wardrobe can be quite challenging since majority of the free-standing wardrobes are either a wrong fit or lack storage for your clothes, shoes, and jewellery. If you are having trouble finding the best wardrobe for your room as well, then the best choice is to opt for a fitted wardrobe.

Fitted Wardrobes have been in the trend lately due to several reasons.

Since there are mainly two types of wardrobes you can find in the market; the built-in custom wardrobes and the free-standing type. Therefore, deciding on which one to choose can be a little difficult.

However, the majority of the people often opt for a fitted wardrobe over the free-standing wardrobes due to several reasons. The countless benefits of the fitted wardrobes make it the first preference for almost everyone.

The question is, why?
Well, there are tons of apparent advantages which makes fitted wardrobes better. Here we have compiled a list of all the things which makes fitted wardrobes better than the free-standing ones. Have a look.

Expands the space:
Unlike the free-standing wardrobes, the fitted wardrobes can be quickly built to adjust anywhere you want. The fitted wardrobe is an incredible and smart solution to deal with congested spaces. The best thing is that these wardrobes can easily fit into L-shaped and T-shaped spaces, which means you can use most of the area in your room seamlessly.

Matches your interiors:
You can easily match and compliment your wardrobe with your interior. The design process of these built-in wardrobes is a lot easier since you can craft them the way you want. These wardrobes can be synced impeccably with the décor of your room, thus enhance the style and interior of your room.

You can select the materials for your wardrobe, which perfectly complements the interior of your room. Whether you prefer a stylish wooden wardrobe or a sleek acrylic one, the choice is yours.

Custom alignments:
Another benefit of these fitted wardrobes is that you can easily adjust the internal arrangements and configuration. This makes it convenient to customise the storage for different accessories, bags, and outfits. Amazing, right?

The built-in wardrobes are custom made; therefore, it is always a better option as compared to the free-standing cupboards, click here to find more about configurations.

Incorporated lighting
One of the most overlooked factors is lightening, especially when it comes to designing your wardrobe. The only source of lightening in a free-standing wardrobe is the external source whereas the built-in wardrobes come with any LEDs, bulbs, and tubes you want.

You can easily incorporate the lightning in your fitted wardrobe. This makes it convenient for you to search for stuff at night or on a dull, gloomy morning. Moreover, the lightening also enhances the overall look of the wardrobe.

Thus, from the above discussion, we can conclude that there are several advantages of a fitted wardrobe over a free-standing one. So, the next time you are out, searching for a closet, make sure you go through this article again. Trust me; it’ll help a lot.

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